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Changelog for WoT 8.0 to 8.1

- Added base British Tech Tree: medium tanks branch with FV4202 as Tier 10 and heavy tanks with FV215 as Tier 10 tank. IMPORTANT! Please, take in count, that economical, research, and characteristics balance of British vehicles is not yet ready and will be changed
- Following Premium vehicles were added to in-game store: Tier 7 Soviet TD SU-122-44, Tier 7 German MT Panther M-10, Tier 6 German MT PzIV Schmalturm
- Following maps were reworked and optimized for new render graphics: Province, El-Halluf, Dragon Ridge, Abbey
- ‘Dragon Ridge’ map re-introduced to random battles
- ‘Prohorovka’ Assault map removed
- ‘Insufficient credits’ status added to the module hint

Game Mechanics:
- Added possibility to purchase premium rounds using credits in addition to the current gold variant (prices are based on 1 gold = 400 credits exchange rates)
- Added possibility for a platoon creator to exclude game modes for the platoon – this means that platoon will enter only game modes, which are selected in platoon creator options
- Added Object 263 to the description of the ‘Sinai Lion’
- For majority of tanks systemized and readjusted speed of tank burning (minor corrections)
- Chat messages returned to replays
- Upon entering XP exchange window on elite vehicle, which has not all modules researched (due to addition/change of vehicles within update), exchange XP unchecked for it, but vehicle will still be in the list.
Technical Optimization:
- Some objects on several maps were optimized for new render
- Optimized drawing speed of some small objects
- Fixed the productivity slump for several hardware configurations

- Fixed rare issue, which caused player be balanced into game modes he previously excluded
- Fixed a wrong possibility rate to be balanced in a game mode, if one of game modes is excluded (for example, this caused player be balanced to often to ‘Encouter’ game, if ‘Assault’ if excluded)
- Fixed the bug, which caused throwing tank out after it drove inside a bunker
- Fixed the errors in placing of objects and lighting on maps Ruinberg, Widepark, El-Halluf and Himmelsdorf
- Removed tank ‘shadow’ from the hangar for cases, when the vehicle is still in battle
- Removed gap between tank and surface in standard hangar
- Fixed mistakes in models of following vehicles: Pz IV Schmalturm, SU-122-54, Super Pershing, VK 3002 DB, VK 3001H
- Fixed mistakes in display of camouflage patters on SU-100-M1
- Fixed incorrect display of emblems and inscriptions on following vehicles: AMX 13F3AM, D2, SU-122-54, Tetrarch, VK3601H
- Fixed the display of SPG schematics in status window during the battle (previously tanks were displayed instead of SPG
- Fixed the display of SU-122-54 turret armoring
- Fixed the slop angle of lower armoring plate of IS-7 (changed to historical)
- Fixed the slop angle of lower armoring plate of IS-3 (changed to historical). Fixed armoring of tank’s bottom
- Fixed water display artifacts with enabled antialiasing
- Fixed the incorrect re-initialization of dynamic shadows after switching over to the game using Alt+Tab
- Fixed the display of suspension tracks while in air
- Fixed the display of grass in Sniper Mode with this option disabled
- Fixed rare incorrect interaction between water and fog
- Fixed many small interface errors of after battle statistics window
- Fixed error of replaying the base capture sound during replay pause
- Fixed the rare error with stop of replay reproduction after rewinding
- Fixed the incorrect work of minimap in Clan Wars battles (with Fog of War enabled)
- Fixed the impossibility to reconnect to Clan Wars battle, if replays are enabled
- Fixed the memory leak upon radial menu opening
- Fixed the update of tank icons in nation tree in research menu
- Fixed the incorrect status for researched modules on vehicles that has not been yet researched
- Fixed the intersection of ammo rack blow-up icon with damage numbers
- Fixed the incorrect sound for hitting the stone surface
- Fixed the call of battle menu only after second pressing of ‘Esc’ button
- Fixed rare bug with unavailability of mouse cursor in battle menu window
- Fixed some small errors in ‘Exterior’ menu window
- Fixed some grammar errors in German inscriptions
- Fixed the receive of a daily suspension, if account was online for more than 25 hours
- Removed possibility to retrain crew to ‘Observer’ tank
- Fixed incorrect display of penetration mark after ricochet
- Fixed the impossibility to make a screenshot with active battle chat
- Fixed the display of 3 types of shells in Hangar for tanks, which have only 2 types of ammunition

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